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GreenRose has been providing flower delivery services in Odessa for over 8 years. We offer corporate services to companies interested in increasing employee loyalty, improving their brand positioning, establishing and strengthening relationships with partners and customers.

The scope of our services includes:

Delivery of bouquets and flower arrangements
To order flower arrangements, go to our catalogs:

Floral decoration of events

We arrange corporate, wedding and VIP events, decorate office space and hotel interiors. We create floral design in restaurants, cafes and bars for banquets, concerts and other festive events.
More about the service “Decoration of events with flowers”

Development of corporate floral style of the company
Creating branded flower arrangements is a very relevant service at the present time. They are used to decorate corporate events and are original business gifts.

You can choose the most convenient way of cooperation:

10% discount on all our services*
Free shipping (does not apply to non-standard orders, special offers and delivery to locations far from major cities)
Reporting on the work done
Individual service
Ability to pay for orders by bank transfer
Maintaining the Calendar of Dates of Your Company by a personal manager
Special offers, promotions for the holidays, available only to corporate clients
*Possibility of providing increased discounts for large volumes of orders

We are always glad to cooperate with you!

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