According to the Law of Ukraine “On Protection of Consumer Rights” and Art. 707 of the Civil Code of Ukraine, flowers are not subject to exchange or return:

  • since flowers are perishable goods, it is obvious that it is possible to preserve (their) presentation or properties only under special conditions;
  • children’s soft toys, food products (sweets, fruits, cakes) are not subject to exchange or return in accordance with the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of March 19, 1994 No. 172.
    Despite the fact that virtually all delivered products cannot be returned or exchanged in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, the Company makes returns and exchanges on its own initiative, reserving the right to refuse a return or exchange.
  1. A complaint regarding the goods that were in the order (except for flower products) can be accepted for consideration if it is filed within 24 hours from the moment the order was completed
    Since the Company cannot control the storage conditions of flowers after they have been delivered, a complaint about the quality of flower products can only be accepted within a day (24 hours) from the moment the order is completed.
  2. The procedure for interaction between the Company and the Client in case of a complaint:
    The Client sends his complaint to the Company’s e-mail specified in the “Contacts” section on the Company’s website. Anonymous complaints, with an incorrect order number, containing profanity, and offensive language are not considered.
    The Company notifies the Client about the receipt of the complaint by a reply letter, after which it conducts an internal investigation of the situation within no more than 7 working days from the receipt of the complaint. After the investigation, the Company gives the Client a reasoned response to his complaint.
    A complaint about the quality and freshness of flowers must contain 3-5 photographs, which can be used to determine the condition of the flowers on the day the order is received. Photos sent after a day (24 hours) from the moment the order was completed will not be considered. Photos must be sent to the Company’s e-mail specified in the “Contacts” section on the Company’s website
    If, after the investigation, it turns out that the client’s claim has no grounds, the Company is released from obligations under this claim.
    Consideration of the complaint may be suspended due to profanity, lack of a response from the Client within 7 days, absence or provision of a photo not within the established time frame (if the photo is needed to consider the complaint).
  3. Reasons for the return moment
    The company does not give any guarantees, and disclaims responsibility regarding delivery time, on days of mass demand for services (Valentine’s Day – February 13-15 and International Women’s Day March 7-9) – on these days all orders are delivered within days, by calling the Recipient and agreeing the delivery time with him.
  4. Poor quality goods or the absence of any components of the order
    If, at the time of delivery of the order to the Recipient, the flowers were not fresh, the Client has the right to a full refund or to replace the delivered flower arrangement. Provided that the Client fulfills paragraph 2 and if the client complained about the quality of the delivered flower products later than one day after the delivery of the order, it is no longer accepted for consideration. Since the Company cannot control the storage conditions of flowers after delivery of the order, and flowers are classified as perishable goods, it is common that at high temperatures or improper care, in a day, some types of flowers may wither.
  5. Procedure for making a refund
    In the event that after the investigation it turned out that the client’s claim takes place in reality, the refund is made within 5 banking days from the moment the decision on the refund was made.
    If the Client paid for the Order with a debit or credit card, a refund will also be made by returning funds to the card with which he made the payment for the Order (minus the commission of the payment system). According to the rules of the payment system, the funds will be credited to the Client’s card within 30-45 days from the moment the decision on the return of funds is made.
    The client must send the details for making a return to the company’s e-mail specified in the “Contacts” section. The refund will be made in accordance with clause 5.1. after the Client sends details.
    In the event that the Company made a refund using erroneous payment details that were provided by the Client, the refund is considered to be carried out in full, if there are facts or documents confirming the return by the Company exactly according to the details provided by the Client.
    The Parties are released from their obligations under this Agreement due to the occurrence of force majeure circumstances.
    *- for example, a postcard cannot be exchanged or re-delivered, even if the courier did not hand it over for some reason.
  6. Flower replacement policy
    Due to the fact that some components of flower arrangements (bouquets) are seasonal nature and are not always available, these components can be replaced by other components that are most similar to them, which are in the same price category and are available in the store on the day of delivery of the Order. Replacement of any of the seasonal components is made without agreement with the Client.
  7. If, when placing an order, some flowers are missing, a replacement will be made for other flowers that are as similar as possible in color. In this case, the total number of colors that are used for replacement in the composition (bouquet) can be changed. In such a replacement, the Company is guided by the cost of the colors that are being replaced. In the event that an equivalent replacement cannot be made, the replacement takes place in the “side of the Client”.
  8. When making any substitutions to the composition (bouquet), the Company aims to preserve the appearance and color scheme of the composition (bouquet) as much as possible.
  9. Flower arrangements – bouquets, baskets containing several types of flowers or several of their shades, as well as flower accessories (packaging, decor, etc.), decorative greenery, are replaced without agreement with the Client.
  10. If most of the flowers for the ordered composition (bouquet) are not available in the store, the Company notifies the client about this by e-mail, which he indicated in the order. And coordinates with him the replacement of flowers in the composition (bouquet) with others or offers the Client to choose another composition (bouquet) in return. If 4 hours before the delivery time of the order, the Company has not received a response from the Client regarding the replacement, the florist will make a bouquet of flowers at his discretion, equal to or greater than the cost of the bouquet (arrangement) ordered by the Client.
  11. The company does not guarantee 100% identity of the delivered bouquet (composition) of flowers with the photo you see on our website. We guarantee you the maximum similarity of the delivered bouquet (composition) of flowers with the photo presented on the site. We also guarantee maximum freshness of flowers in a bouquet (composition).
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