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There are a huge number of orchid species in the world that amaze gardeners with their pleasant aroma and unusual appearance. It is not surprising that many flower lovers specialize in growing plants from this particular family. The catalog on the site contains the most popular representatives of Orchids, which you can buy in one click with delivery to decorate your home collection.

How to choose a flower

Orchids are very diverse and need appropriate conditions for normal growth. Some flowers take root in the ground, others prefer to live on the branches of other plants, hanging down, and still others are comfortable on rocks or among stones. Among such a variety, it is extremely difficult for beginners to choose the specific type of orchid that they want to plant in a pot. To begin with, it is better to purchase one of the popular options that does not need special conditions.

Phalaenopsis is the most popular orchid in the world

Plants of this variety have large flat flowers, which are placed on a curved long stem. Such orchids are great for temperate climates, they also do not require special care. It is important that phalaenopsis blooms almost all year round. The owner only needs to provide the plant with full watering and a stable temperature.

How to care for phalaenopsis

Orchids require special watering: the pot is simply immersed in a container filled with warm water and kept there for about 15-20 minutes.
It is better to put the plant on the windowsill, located in the southwest side, so that direct sunlight does not fall on it.
Watering phalaenopsis is carried out only after the substrate dries and becomes crumbly to the touch.
You can fertilize plants using only specialized mixtures or top dressing for orchids.

It is important to remember that Phalaenopsis needs to be repotted every two years. The plant does not need special humidity (50% will be enough), you should only occasionally ventilate the room in which the flower is located. The optimum temperature is 18-25°C.

Other varieties of orchids for the home

In Europe and Asia, hybrids of the popular flower are cultivated, which are distinguished by their special beauty. In such plants, the buds are especially large, and the stems can have bizarre shapes, because they are fixed on special curved supports. Among the popular hybrid species worth mentioning:


Orchids are used not only by amateur flower growers, but also by interior designers. These plants are ideal for creating green walls and decorating office spaces or fashion boutiques. It is only important that the flowers are purchased from a good store that offers fresh and healthy plants. Then orchids will please the eye for more than one year and will allow you to make an original accent in the design of the room.