Sale of flowers at a wholesale price. Huge assortment

Low cost for excellent quality flowers. Buy fresh flowers wholesale with delivery around the clock.

The network of flower bases GreenRose is pleased to offer salons, flower shops to buy fresh flowers in bulk at low prices. “GreenRose” has a central wholesale base, flower warehouses and shops located in Odessa, offers an extensive range and is a leader in the sale, delivery and import of quality fresh cut flowers.

Цветы оптом в Одессе. Склад цветов
Flowers wholesale in Odessa. flower warehouse
  • Low cost for excellent quality flowers
  • Sale at a wholesale price is already carried out with purchases from 5,000 UAH. (in wholesale prices).
  • Huge assortment: rose, peony, tulip, chrysanthemum, lily, carnation, freesia, lisianthus (eustoma), bergrass, amaryllis, pineapple, artichoke. Regular deliveries from plantations around the world

Flowers delivery schedule

Wholesale deliveries of cut flowers are carried out from Holland, Ecuador, Colombia, Israel, Kenya, and Ukraine. Cut flowers are delivered three times a week.

Pre order

Pre-orders for cut flowers from Holland 7 days in advance.
Pre-orders for flowers from other countries (Ecuador, Colombia, Kenya, Israel, etc.) are accepted 14 days in advance.

Buying flowers in a wholesale warehouse

In our warehouse there is always a huge selection of flowers in free sale. Come, choose, pay.

Payment and delivery

We accept cash and non-cash payments.
Flowers delivery in Odessa is carried out
Mon, Thu, Sat from 8:00 to 18:00. Tue, Fri from 9.00-18.00
On Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays, delivery of pre-orders in Odessa is free of charge with an order amount of 5000 UAH.
The cost of delivery in the region can be clarified with our managers.

Our catalog is represented by a wide range of fresh flowers

Roses alone are represented by 46 varieties, here are red velvet, white, yellow, pink, scarlet, and the novelty – blue. Each flower has a long stem 60-90 cm long, lush foliage and a large bud ranging in size from 50 mm to 100 mm.

Very short delivery time from plantation to warehouse. Wholesale base “GreenRose” is the leader in Odessa for the sale, delivery and import of high-quality fresh cut plants. We offer to buy fresh flowers in bulk with delivery around the clock.

The possibility of picking flowers, bypassing traffic jams, in any of our flower bases in Odessa

“GreenRose” has a central wholesale base and several flower warehouses and shops located throughout the city.

All these advantages make our cooperation profitable and convenient!

Order for wholesale by phone 097 366 1228
Wholesale warehouse open 7 days a week.

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