Flower and gift delivery company GreenRose will deliver your order anywhere in the world
In addition to delivering flowers in Odessa and Ukraine, we deliver flowers and bouquets all over the world – to the CIS countries (to Azerbaijan, to Armenia, to Belarus, to Kazakhstan, to Moldova, to Tajikistan, to Turkmenistan, to Uzbekistan, etc. ), to Europe, to Asia, to Africa, to Canada and to the USA (America).

Numerous network of our partners in international flower delivery allows us to shorten the delivery time as much as possible and provide you with reasonable prices for flowers with worldwide delivery.

What orders do we carry out

Why don’t we publish prices for flower delivery around the world on our website?
Prices for flowers, decoration, delivery services in each country are very different, and change throughout the year depending on the season, flower supplies, etc.

By posting prices for flower delivery around the world on the site, we would certainly increase it so that our profit covers all costs.

However, our goal is to provide our customers with the best prices for flower delivery around the world.

That is why we do not work with international flower delivery networks
In order to provide you with our best prices for worldwide flower delivery (international flower delivery), we request a price directly from the florist closest to the place of delivery of the bouquet, in order to minimize the cost of delivering flowers to the Client.

Working directly with florists gives us, in addition to good value for our clients, another very important advantage – a florist can realize any of your ideas, put his soul into the ordered bouquet. Thus, we provide an individual approach to each of your flower orders (in Kyiv, Ukraine, the CIS or around the world).

We can deliver flowers the very next day after receiving payment from the Client. But in some cases, urgent delivery of flowers around the world is also possible.

Buy flowers from us

How to order flowers with delivery outside of Ukraine (international flower delivery)
1) You choose a bouquet on our website or simply decide which flowers you would like to deliver (you can choose several bouquets you like).

2) You make a request to us (by phone or e-mail), in which you indicate:

the name of the bouquet or its description
delivery date
country, city of delivery
delivery address (we need it so that we can contact the nearest florist and give you the exact cost of the order, including delivery)
3) After receiving the request, we contact the florist and then tell you the price of such a bouquet, including delivery (in US dollars or EURO, as well as the equivalent in hryvnia).

As a rule, we can give you a price already within one to a maximum of two hours after receiving the request. An exception can only be requests for flower delivery to countries with which we have a time difference.

4) You pay in UAH at the exchange rate on the day of payment by any of the methods offered by us in the “Payment” section.

5) After the delivery of flowers, we will definitely inform you about the completed delivery (by phone or e-mail).

We are waiting for your requests for prices for flower delivery around the world by phone:

+38 (096) 769-96-93

+38 (093) 144-39-23,

or write to us: info@greenrose.od.ua

We will be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with our BEST PRICES FOR INTERNATIONAL FLOWER DELIVERY!

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