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Most buyers believe that flowers are only an addition to a surprise, and not an independent gift. However, a woman will like a luxurious bouquet of 51 roses much more than a standard set of bed linen or a soft toy. Such a composition is suitable for special occasions, for example, discharge from the hospital or a marriage proposal. By giving a similar bouquet to your beloved or mother, you will earn sincere gratitude and evoke only pleasant emotions in a loved one.

In what other cases is it worth choosing a composition of 51 roses

Although many perceive roses solely as flowers for a sweetheart, such a bouquet is quite suitable for creating a festive atmosphere for the office. In honor of March 8 or the anniversary of the company, install a similar composition in your office, and you will immediately see how the mood of the employees will rise. A separate bouquet should be presented to the boss, emphasizing her merits to the team.

Another reason to give your beloved 51 roses is reconciliation after a quarrel. Seeing such a luxurious bouquet, a woman will definitely be delighted and forget about past grievances. You will only have to offer your most sincere apologies so that your beloved forgets about the quarrel forever.

Inexpensive bouquets of 51 roses in Odessa

Finding fresh compositions from a large number of flowers is not so easy. Most salons specialize in small bouquets, so they just don’t have that many roses in stock. Our company cooperates with greenhouses in which flowers are grown all year round and are of special quality. Therefore, florists will easily assemble a bouquet of red, pink, tea or white roses. At the same time, the price of the service will be quite affordable.

For creation of compositions only fresh flowers of the best grades are used. The bouquet will stand for a long time and will delight the recipient of the gift with its chic look for many days in a row. You can apply for a bouquet of 51 roses on any day of the week, so you will definitely have time for the right date.

How to purchase a song online

Our site presents bouquets and other gifts at affordable prices. All catalog items are subject to discounts and promotions, thanks to which you can save up to 65% of the total purchase price. To place an order, you will need to perform a few simple steps:

enter the catalog and pick up your favorite bouquet of 51 roses;
click on the word “Order”;
fill out an online form.

Do not forget to indicate the convenient delivery method and the desired number of bouquets. In addition to flowers, you will receive a free postcard. So it will be possible to say a few pleasant words to the recipient of a luxurious gift.