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Flowers are always beautiful, pleasant and sophisticated. That is why the delivery of bouquets on holidays, anniversaries and celebrations is not only a good form, but also a tribute of respect and reverence. And the most popular flower for a gift is, of course, a rose.

Currently, specially created spray roses are increasingly being used to make bouquets. They look very harmonious both independently and in composition. And if earlier it was fashionable to give voluminous flowers with a strong long stem, now more preference is given to not so majestic, but no less beautiful bush roses.

What is their advantage?

1. They are great for any occasion. A cute bouquet of roses in the form of a bush will be a pleasure to receive both for a wedding and for a personal holiday or celebration.

2. The color range of spray roses is quite large. There are also varieties that exude a very pleasant delicate aroma, and this will not leave anyone indifferent. In addition to the traditional shades of pink, red and white, flowers with rich yellow buds were also bred. Such a bouquet looks incredibly bright and creative and can truly please and cheer up.

3. Spray roses have become a real “trend”, because in addition to their beauty and versatility, they are quite durable. And all this thanks to the efforts of breeders. And if you properly care for the bouquet, it will last even longer.

There is no limit to the fantasies of florists, because they come up with the brightest and most unusual compositions. One of these creations was a bouquet consisting of 17 yellow buds, which is symbolic of the hot sun, illuminating and warming everything around. Such a present will become a real decoration and will set you in a festive and positive mood.

How to make a bouquet of roses last as long as possible?

1. The water in a vase with flowers should be changed at least once every 2 days, and the buds should be moistened with a spray bottle. The room should be checked, because flowers also love freshness and cleanliness.

2. It is necessary to cut the tips of the stems a couple of centimeters daily. This will allow the flowers to be fully saturated with water and prevent the process of decay.

3. Fallen thorns and leaves that have fallen into a vase must also be removed.

Where can you buy spray roses?

A very important point is to contact shops and flower shops that have proven themselves well. After all, a decent reputation is an indicator of the quality of the services provided. And to be sure of the quality, you need to contact only trusted suppliers.

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