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When the holiday is approaching, I want to give my loved ones such a gift that it would be not only unusual, but also useful. This task is easy to solve together with the GreenRose store. Only here you can buy edible bouquets that will delight both children and adults. The store employees guarantee the quality and freshness of the compositions, which are sold at an affordable price. Ordering a bouquet for a holiday or any other event in your life will be very helpful. He will surprise and delight all relatives, guests and work colleagues.

Original edible bouquets to order

In the GreenRose workshop, real miracles are being created to turn fruits, sweets and flowers into unique bright compositions that will become not only a table decoration, but also an original treat. Such bouquets will be very relevant for corporate events. Anyone who wants to move away from the outdated patterns of organizing a feast can become a GreenRose client.

In the store you can order and purchase the following bouquets:

For kids

Kids will be happy with such a present, which will not only be an original addition to a children’s holiday, but also very useful, because it will be made up of fruits.

For the holiday of March 8

These bouquets carry tenderness, spring freshness and always cheer up the fair sex.

Sweet bouquets of chocolate and sweets

Everyone can take advantage of this offer for any holiday, celebration or event. A sweet treat, and even in the original version, will be the highlight of any event.

Passionate bouquets of strawberries

This is the most favorite berry for almost everyone, so the composition of strawberries will bring everyone a lot of impressions and pleasure.

Mix of flowers and berries in a box

Those who wish to receive both a delicacy and flowers that will be combined into one composition can take advantage of this offer. There is an option to replace the berries with sweets, chocolate and macaroons.

Bouquets in a hat box

You can put both a flower and an edible bouquet in the box. This composition always looks very stylish.

Fruit bouquets in traditional style

Usually they are collected from fruits familiar to Ukraine, but, at the request of the customer, they can also be made from exotic fruits.