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In vain they say that to surprise a girl with flowers is trite. You will 100% amaze her with a bouquet of 101 roses. Extraordinary, luxurious, unforgettable.

Our online store gives you the opportunity to impress your loved one with such a gift. We offer such a bouquet at an affordable price with free delivery around the city. The courier service will deliver roses to you personally or give them from you along with a postcard and wishes.

Our professional florists will create a bouquet based on your wishes. It is possible to add flowers with decorative elements and various plants. Anything your heart desires.

There are many varieties of this flower and each variety is endowed with a special beauty. Thanks to this variety, you will be able to “say” your feelings or express gratitude.

Before ordering flowers, you need to know what the color of roses means in order to put the right symbolic meaning into your bouquet.

What color to choose 101 roses

Scarlet or burgundy roses will tell your beloved about your feelings. Giving a bouquet of this color, you say to your beloved “You and I are one.” 101 roses – the best declaration of love.

White or yellow flowers with large buds symbolize tenderness, purity and friendly disposition. With the help of such flowers, you can make a marriage proposal, as well as ask for forgiveness.

101 roses of a snowy or milky hue – a confession of sublime feelings.

Yellow, cream and orange shades – indicate your friendly disposition, sympathy, appreciation. Also appropriate as a gift to a business partner, teacher, friend.

Rare varieties of purple and blue shades are a recognition of talent. Such an unusual color intrigues and betrays a special attitude and admiration.

A bouquet of 101 roses in dark saturated shades is ideal for a woman who occupies a high position.

Anniversary or other celebration – pink roses.

Why our online store?

We offer a bouquet of 101 roses at an attractive price.
Decoration according to your desire and depending on the occasion.
Regular promotions that guarantee a discount.

Each bouquet created by our florists is individual and unique. We will select an original gift for the flowers, which will give the donee additional joy.

We do not make our customers wait, everything will be delivered within a predetermined period of time.