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To give a beloved woman only a bouquet of flowers seems to many to be too simple a decision. Therefore, they decide to add a sweet set to the surprise. In this case, pasta cookies will be an ideal addition. You can order a set of an original bouquet and Italian sweets in exquisite packaging in the GreenRose online store.

What are the benefits of such a gift

It is difficult to surprise a modern girl with a standard box of chocolates. Today, women are already accustomed to receiving more unusual sweet souvenirs. GreenRose offers to resolve this issue quickly and easily.

Having bought a set “flowers + macaroons”, you will receive several advantages at once.

A pleasant surprise. The recipient does not know what is in the box until the last moment. This makes the gift even more mysterious and desirable.
Minimum care. The flower arrangement is installed on a special floral sponge, so it does not dry out. If you have planned a date at a restaurant, you don’t have to look for a vase or worry about where to put the surprise.
Long shelf life. The bouquet lasts much longer than simple cut flowers. It will remind the recipient for several weeks how much she is dear to you.
Convenience of transportation. You can simply leave the gift box in the car until the moment of delivery, it will not wrinkle or break.

Macaroons make a great addition to flowers, as these Italian cookies are considered one of the most popular sweets today. A woman of any age will be delighted with such a stylish and modern polar coat. Cookies not only have a pleasant almond flavor, but can also be dyed in different colors. This allows you to give the sweets the same shade that the box and bouquet have.

How to make an order

To please the girl with an unusual surprise, you will have to place an order in the GreenRose store in advance: the composition is made within 1 day. This condition is due to the fact that florists always make only fresh compositions that have to be made from scratch. The final touch is to add a box of freshly baked macaroons to the bouquet, matching the overall color scheme of the gift. This is how an exquisite surprise is formed, which will definitely appeal to a woman or girl with taste.

GreenRose offers compositions with sweets at a bargain price. For the convenience of buyers, delivery is organized in Odessa and the Odessa region.

Employees of the company guarantee that the bouquet will look perfect and the girl will definitely like it. This is the pre-order requirement. In 24 hours, the florist manages to think over the composition of the composition to the smallest detail and select all its components in the best possible way.

Perhaps other stores offer instant delivery of gifts, but in this case, it is unlikely that the flowers will be fresh, and the bouquet itself will not be so carefully selected.

To order a set of “flowers + macaroons” in the GreenRose online store, contact the company manager by phone. The cost of the gift set and delivery can be found in the relevant sections of the site. Buy a surprise for your girlfriend in GreenRose — give her one more reason to be happy!