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Exclusive wedding bouquets. Best prices in Odessa

Wedding flowers play a big role in the image of the bride and groom.

They need to be selected as carefully as the dress and suit. Flowers should be in harmony with the image of the couple.

Previously, the main flowers for the bride and groom were roses and lilies. Modern florists offer a large selection of colors and styles in decoration. Bouquets are made from lilies of the valley, carnations, orchids, peonies, tulips, gerberas and other non-traditional flowers for this holiday.

The bride’s bouquet

Traditionally, fresh flowers are used to make a bridal bouquet. Girls carefully choose this accessory for themselves. A lot depends on what the bride’s bouquet will be. For starters, it has to be comfortable. The bride will have to spend the whole day with him, and falling flowers or piercing thorns will not add any mood or beauty. It is important that the wedding bouquet was beautiful. On all wedding photos and videos, the bride will be with him, which means that an unsuccessful bouquet can ruin not only the wedding, but also the memories of it.

Boutonniere for the groom

Boutonnieres look beautiful, made in the style and using the same colors as the bride’s bouquet. It is customary to order wedding boutonnieres in advance, along with the bride’s bouquet.

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