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Special offers for bouquets and flowers from the GreenRose store

Flower delivery is an opportunity to surprise a loved one on a significant occasion or just because. In order to make the gift cheaper, you can use special offers from the GreenRose store. By purchasing a bouquet for a special offer, you will receive fresh and beautiful flowers that will definitely delight the recipient.

Why are prices reduced for flowers with delivery?

Large floristic salons receive large batches of flowers from around the world: France, Holland, Israel, France, Turkey and others. Wholesale contracts allow you to purchase plants at a bargain price and reduce the cost of ready-made bouquets for buyers. At the same time, the flowers retain perfect quality and look no worse than more expensive options.

Promotions are also held in order to attract the attention of customers to the store. Bouquets at competitive prices are always popular and in special demand. Therefore, the more special offers a floristic salon has, the more interesting it is for potential buyers.

The GreenRose store holds promotions for the purchase of not only compositions, but also gifts that can be added to the bouquet. Special prices are offered to both regular and new customers. Just look in the catalog to find the right product for the promotion. Now everyone has the opportunity to please their loved ones with chic flowers at any time of the year. You just need to place an order and choose the option for decorating a surprise that you will like.

Which flowers are covered by the special offer?

The composition of the bouquets that are sold for the promotion may vary. Florists always use fresh flowers, among which there are the most popular varieties and types.

Roses. Everyone loves these flowers, regardless of gender and age. They become an excellent decoration for any composition and will be a welcome gift for the holiday. The big plus is that roses are sold both in winter and in summer, so you can buy them regardless of the season.
Alstroemeria. Exotic and bright flowers that will appeal to lovers of everything unusual and creative. Perfect as a surprise for a young and active girl.

Chrysanthemums. Traditional autumn flowers, delicate and graceful. Usually they are added to compositions for middle-aged women. Chrysanthemums retain their freshness for a long time and retain their beauty even after the onset of cold weather.

If you did not find a suitable option in the catalog of flowers at a discount, contact the managers of the GreenRose company. They will be able to pick up alternative bouquets at a reasonable price, among which there will definitely be something suitable.

What can add surprise

Some believe that giving only a bouquet in honor of the holiday is indecent. To make the surprise even more memorable, it can be supplemented with a small souvenir or a sweet compliment. The most popular options among customers are:

  • Stuffed Toys;
  • tea or coffee sets;
  • box “Raffaello”;
  • a set of cookies “Macaron”;
  • chocolate Kinder or other brands.

Special prices also apply to additions to bouquets, while offers are regularly updated. All gifts are packed in a beautiful basket and look great against the backdrop of flowers. A surprise can be sent anonymously, this will make the recipient experience additional pleasant emotions.

If you want to send flowers in the original packaging, take a look at the compositions in the boxes. Girls especially like light and elegant gift items, because such bouquets always look elegant. And a nice addition in the form of a box of chocolates or a teddy bear can melt the heart of any woman.