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Valentine’s Day is the most important holiday for those who are connected by mutual feelings. On such a significant date, it is worth giving your soulmate a special gift that will remind you of sincere affection for her. One of the most surprises on Valentine’s Day is an original bouquet.

What compositions to choose as a gift

Leave simple bouquets for another occasion, and for the sake of the holiday, be creative. For example, prepare a composition in the shape of a heart for your beloved. As a basis for such a gift, a simple ribbon or wire can be used, which is decorated with decorative elements. If you want something more original, order an ensemble that will include not only flowers, but also soft toys or sweets. Also, the surprise can be supplemented with a traditional “valentine” card, in which you will tell in detail about your feelings.

Some salons offer to combine a bouquet and a souvenir in one gift. In this case, the composition is made in the form of a toy of fresh flowers. Choose a cute teddy bear, a funny hedgehog or a cute kitten for your beloved. At the request of the customer, the florist will select the appropriate shades and additionally decorate the ensemble to make it even more spectacular. Such a gift will definitely appeal to young recipients who have a special weakness for soft toys.

What flowers are best for Valentine’s Day

Since Valentine’s Day falls in February, bright colors are especially desirable during this cold time. Any fresh flowers in winter look original and delight the eye. However, if you want to make a lasting impression on your beloved, consider in advance what will be included in the bouquet or arrangement. Florists highlight several win-win options that your sweetheart will definitely like.

Roses. This flower is traditionally associated with passion and romance, so it is best sold on February 14th. A classic bouquet of many roses is always a welcome gift for Valentine’s Day.
Tulips. In winter, these typical spring flowers will look like something especially beautiful and exotic. Delicate buds on thin stems are a win-win option for young girls.
Carnations. Unpretentious and bright, such flowers will be a good basis for a festive bouquet. They are suitable for women of any age and will allow you to create a composition that will stand for a really long time and will not require special care.
Gerberas. The brightest and most positive bouquets can be made from them. Seeing such flowers, any girl will forget about a bad mood and start smiling.
Orchids. An exotic and unusual option for those who love mysteries. The composition with orchids will remind you of tropical countries and distant travels.

It is not necessary to use only one type of flowers in a bouquet. They can be combined with each other, you just need to decide in advance on the range of shades and shape. Luxury or simplicity, rigor or deliberate slovenliness – modern florists are able to bring almost any idea to life.