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Special offers

Special offers for the bouquets and flowers from the GreenRose
shop. Flowers delivery is a possibility to make a surprise
for a close person on a great occasion or just in order to
make the gift cheaper. You can use the special offer from the
GreenRose shop. On buying a bouquet, using a special offer,
you will get fresh and beautiful flowers, which will definitely
arise the addressee’s delight.

Why are the flowers with delivery sold at a lower price?

Big floristic salons get big range of flowers from different
countries of the world: France, Holland, Israel, Turkey and
others. Wholesale contracts allow to purchase flowers at
bargain price and to make the value of ready bouquets lower
for the customers. At the same time the flowers preserve their
ideal quality and they look no worse than more expensive

Special offers are established in order to attract customers to
the shop. The bouquets at bargain prices are always
popular and they have special demand. That is why the more
special offers are provided by the floristic salon, the more
interesting it is for a potential buyer.

The GreenRose shop establishes a special offer for buying not
only compositions, but presents to be added for a bouquet.
Special prices are offered for new and constant customers.It is
enough to look up a catalogue, to find the required product
with the special offer. Now everyone has a possibility to
make their relative happy with chic flowers any season. You
only have to place your order and choose the decoration of
your surprise, just the one you like.

What flowers are under the special offer?
Consistence of the bouquets which are sold under the offer
may vary. Florists always use fresh flowers, among which there
are the most popular kinds. Roses.

Everyone, not depending on the sex or age, likes them.

They become an excellent decoration for any composition and they will be a desired gift for a party. It is a great advantage
that roses are sold any season (summer, winter), so they can be
bought no matter what season it is now.

Alstroemeria. Exotic and bright flower to be
liked by those, who love everything unusual and creative.
They will be perfect as a surprise for a young and active

Chrysanthema. Traditional autumn flowers,
tender and gracious. They are usually added to compositions
for middle-aged women. Chrysanthema preserve freshness
and beauty for a long time even after the cold period begins. If
you failed to find a perfect option in the cataloque with
discounts, turn yourselves to the GreenRose managers. They
will be able to arrange alternative bouquets at similar
price, among which you will definitely find something
suiting your needs.

What can be added to the surprise?

Some people think that to gift a bouquet only is not a decent way
to behave. To make the surprise more memorable, it can be added
with a souvenir or a sweet compliment.

The most popular options among the customers are:
– soft toys;
– tea or coffee sets;
– a box of Rafaello;
– set of “Makaron” cookies;
– Kinder or any other brand of chocolade

For additions for bouquets special prices are also actual,
with offers being refreshed. All the presents are packed into a
beautiful basket and look great along with the flowers. Surprise
can be sent anonimously, which make the addressee feel
additional pleasant emotions. If you like to send the flowers in
the original package, take a look at compositions in boxes.
Light and smart gift items are adored especially by the girls
as such bouquets are always pleasant to be looking at.
Additional box, sweets or a teddy bear are able to attract
any woman.